Friday, February 01, 2008

Haunted? Do you believe?

I've never actually seen or felt a ghost/spirit that I can think of but I do believe in them. I love watching Ghost Hunters which is the show TAPS does. They tend to try to disprove things before jumping to any conclusions. Not everything is haunted. They also dispel the whole "orb" phenomenon which is usually dust or a dirty camera lens. They aren't saying orbs aren't real sometimes, but most times they are not paranormal. What brought this off the wall topic on? Someone online posted a site where you can find the haunted places in your state. I clicked on FL and scrolled down to the cities near me or semi near me. I found there are actually a few "ghosts" at Disney World. I have heard of George before but he's the only one. Since I'm a Disney nut, I thought I'd share.

Orlando - Disney World - There is known to be a tan figure walking down the streets in front of the castle.

Orlando - Disney World - Pirates of the Caribbean - The spirit of "George" a worker who died there when a beam fell on him during construction still haunts the attraction. At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day attractions workers must come on the PA system and tell George good morning and good night. If not the attraction has been know to shut itself down adding more work before the workers came go home for the night. - March 2004 Addition/ correction - when the ride was being built in the early 70's (it opened Dec. 15, 1973) , George was a welder who clearly, welded different parts of the scenes on the attraction together. One particular area on the ride, called the "burning city", required George to climb up quite high above the ground. George lost his balance, and fell to his death. If you talk to any of the employees at pirates, they will either know of someone who has had an incident with George, or there is a chance they move have had one themselves.

Orlando - Walt Disney World - EPCOT - Spaceship earth - a small girl with long blonde hair has been seen riding in a car & a boy run in front of her and vanish at the same location (outside during the day).

Orlando - Walt Disney World - Tower of Terror - There has been a story among employees of a ghost walking around the "Tower of Terror" at off hours; he's usually found walking the wrong way, does not respond to calls and then disappears.

I find it all interesting. Dh says he doesn't believe but he's just as hooked on GH as I am. He certainly can't explain what TAPS does catch on camera and I think he secretly is coming to believe spirits may be among us. The other day he even asked me if I thought we had a spirit(s) in our house. When Logan was a baby, he used to "talk" to someone in the corner of the room. Ian did the same thing- same corner. Hmmm we'll have to wait and see what Bella does. I think it's possible but I really don't think there is a spirit in our home. And if there was, it doesn't appear to do any harm so it is welcome.

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