Monday, February 18, 2008

It's official

I'm a whale. I gained 3lbs over the past week! I've put on over 40lbs this pregnancy which I think is the most ever out of all three kids. I still have a month left! Just staple my mouth shut now. Is it coincidence that I posted the top 20 worst foods and that my pants don't fit anymore all in one day? Think about it....

I did have a midwife appt today and for the first time ever there was a laboring mom there! I can't remember ever seeing (well hearing as I never actually saw her) a laboring mom in all the appts I've been to. I heard her moaning though and all I could think was "poor thing...I've been there". I hope by now she's holding her baby. I did get to see MaryAnn(mw) and Amanda(asst) in action though. They really do take care of you and are with you always. They were calling in the other assistant too before I left. I guess Mom was close to delivery.

As for my appt, I had a finger prick for iron and that came back fine. Bella's heart rate was great and Kim (student midwife) was able to tickle her feet and get her heart rate to speed up which I guess means she's responding. I don't know what the purpose was to that. I also had the Group B strep test which wasn't so bad. I'll get those results next week. If I'm positive, I'll have to have IV antibiotics for a short time during labor. Lovely.

I paid for my waterbirth tub. There are 3 other girls due around the same time who already paid too. It's first come, first serve when it comes to the tub so if two of us are laboring together and she paid first, she gets the tub. Guess I should have done that class sooner! Apparently they've never had that happen but I'm so special that if it's gonna happen, it will happen to me. Haha! I'm really looking forward to that tub too. Keep your fingers crossed!

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