Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tagged again

Julie has tagged us yet again. Maybe she's bored with what we're writing. LOL So she wants to know what 10 things would you buy if you had 10 million dollars to spend. It has to be spent on yourself, no giving it to charity. So now I have to think...why do you make me think Julie??

1.) Buy a huge custom RV that is retrofitted so carseats can be used in it (no you can't use carseats in normal RVs). Tour the USA/Canada in it. Hire a tutor to go with so noone misses any school.

2.) Buy a bigger home with a pool and huge yard. Hire a housekeeper.

3.) Start a college fund for my children. (Crap, I checked the rules and this can't be an answer but it would be an answer! Dumb rule Julie!)

4.) Send dh to college and maybe myself.

5.) Buy a second home(summer) in another state or Canada.

6.) Buy dh his dream car (undoubtedly a sports car that goes too fast), a family vehicle (enviromental green car) and a convertible for me (Mercedes, Audi, Lexus...).

7.) Once all 3 kids are old enough, travel through Europe. Bring a tutor.

8.) Take classes and learn how to use my camera and photo software. Buy all the accessories and start a photography business.

9.) Get LASIK done and get braces for dh and I. Hold onto some money if the kids need braces later on.

10.) Hire a chef and personal trainer to get dh and I into shape. Make sure the kids know all about good fitness.

11.) (since #3 didn't count)... I'm still thinking

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I didn't make up the rules!