Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been visualizing a certain day in March to have my baby girl. Well after talking about the lunar eclipse tonight with dh and knowing that more labors start on full moons, I decided to look up March's full moon schedule. It looks like the date I chose just so happens to be a full moon. We'll see if the moon helps me out or not!


Melodie said...

The is really something about the full moon. I went into labor with Sarah on a full moon and the hospital was so packed with laboring women that I was on a gurney in a hallway. I was only 37 weeks along, so my doctor told me that he was going to try to stop my labor and if he couldn't, he'd "put me in line with all the rest of them." Luckily, he was able to stop my labor and I was able to get a nice birthing room (back when they only had two) a week later.

Kandee said...

Funny thing...the moon. I had calculated that Grace would be born 2-3 days after the full moon and she was. Sean surprised me though. I had him being born 4-5 days after the full moon and instead, he came 3 days before....darn that doctor for stirring things up during my physical visit that day...or my prediction might have happened. I had it based on when my menstrual cycle started in relation to the full moon, during the conception month and calculated 40 weeks from that.

Anonymous said...

Katelyn was born on a full moon, on May 2nd, 2007.. The nurse did mention that on full moon days they are super busy and also when a hurricane is coming, something about the tides and all those energies, weird, but true.