Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tumbling day #2

And the tears begin again.... I just don't know what to do or say to Logan. He gets frustrated so easily and cries until he's choking. He's one of the youngest in the class and the newest. Everyone else can do the things he's only beginning to learn. There is one coach that is filling in for the regular coach and this guy is awesome with Logan. He takes the time to talk to him and gives him tons of encouragement. The only time I saw Logan having any fun tonight was when Torian was teaching him. The other guy seems really hard assed. I'm hoping the regular coach will be better. I already paid for the month so we're going to stick it out. I was always told I had to stick it out and if I didn't like it after that, I could quit. It's just hard to see him cry and not be able to help him. He did tell me he wanted to quit tonight- right in the middle of practice and again afterwards but I talked him into going back out there and I'm encouraging him as much as possible. We'll do a bit of practicing at home with what I know and maybe, just maybe, we'll have a good practice next week. I think I'll enforce a nap before we go too.

ETA: I haven't been able to get close to a coach to even discuss things with them. Hopefully I can someone's attention next week and they can give me some advice.

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Working Mama said...

I think you are doing all you can do, Karlise. I have gone through things with Matthew that have just reinforced that we all have strengths & weaknesses...some are better at some things, some are better at other things. This could all change too as he grows up & changes physically but either way just keep encouraging him & be positive. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination! It can be a great teaching moment despite it being difficult to see your child so frustrated. Hang in there!