Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Birthday gift! ;)

My birthday is this coming Tuesday and lookie what I'm getting....

It's a 2008 Honda Civic EX-L.

White with tan leather (ohhhh)

Moonroof (ahhhh)

Isn't it purty??

I can see my girlfriends reading this right now thinking OMG! She's so spoiled! Yeah I see you Julie and Jen!

But fear not, this car is not really my's dh's new car for getting back and forth to work and I'll be driving it only at night or if I'm going somewhere by myself. You won't see me arguing though. I LOVE cars with moonroofs. I miss my moonroof. And I love the new car smell. Mmmm. I can't wait to see the car in person. It's brand spanking new but had some scratches on the bumper so they are fixing those first.

So what will I really get for my birthday this year..... stay tuned!


Melodie said...

That's great! I have been wanting to get a minivan for a while since whenever my step-son is here there are six of us. Right now, though, we are looking at getting Phil a new truck/SUV, and if we get one that seats at least six, then I won't have to get the minivan and can get a smaller car that only needs to seat five.

Scarlett said...

nice! I didn't know you were getting a new car!