Monday, August 18, 2008

1st day recap

Logan had a very good day. I guess they didn't do a lot but he did bring home a couple of art projects and said he did some reading today and played outside at recess. I had quite a bit of homework with all the forms to sign and papers to read.

When I picked him up today, I went thru the car line. OMG. I'm not sure if I want to do that again. I got there a good 20-25min early and the line was already backed up. People who came later than me, got in line in front of me due to where they were waiting (side streets). I ended up putting a dvd in for Ian to watch since it was taking so long. I think perhaps Bella was watching it too by way of her mirror. ;)

When I finally got to the gates and got Logan, I discovered there's really no where to to pull over and buckle him in. I basically stopped on the grass and anyone behind me just had to go around. I can't believe all these tiny kids aren't in safety seats anymore. There's NO WAY they are big enough for the adult seatbelt.

Logan did tell me he was crying at one point because he didn't want to go to the "back" car line. He wanted to be picked up out front where I had parked this morning. He had some thought in his head that a stranger would take him. I don't know why he was thinking that though and had to explain that his teacher wouldn't let that happen. Since car line was such a bear today, I'm rethinking picking him up over there anyway. I may start picking him up out front. Ugh decisions!!

Other than car line, he had a good day and so did we. Ian only asked about him a couple of times and even napped at our new earlier time. Thanks to Hurricane Fay we don't have school tomorrow so we'll see how Wednesday goes!


Karen said...

I know what you mean about not having time to buckle him up. Luckily, Shawn can buckle his own car seat (and unbuckle)so it's a race to see how fast he can buckle himself in when he gets in the car. I've been thinking of trying the booster seat again though.

Debbie said...

Elizabeth still uses a harnass because she is so tiny. I taught her when we were in PreK how to get out of the seat. She's older and she won't just come out of it when I'm driving around....That's not where I have a problem, my problem is she moves slow..She looks around, talks to people, blah, blah....

Lindsey said...

Logan can't buckle his carseat? All three of my big boys can buckle themselves so that's extremely helpful now that I have two little ones to take care of!

Joshua can't unbuckle himself yet though, but Ethan does it for him!

Oh, and Alex was in a Bjorn that she brought with her. He LOVED it!

Amanda said...

I'm SO glad he had a good day. I'm sorry he cried :-( Hayley JUST learned how to buckle herself. She just randomly did it 2 or 3 weeks ago. We still check it so we might as well be doing it ourselves. Gosh, I wish our elem. school had a car line. I have to park, get out with Andon, walk to a grassy area and wait for her everyday. In the rain or freezing cold weather I BEG Jason to take a late lunch break to pick her up.