Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do nothing lazy kind of day

Since TS Fay decided to pull a no show on our county (not even a drop of rain at my house!) and schools were closed, we had another do nothing lazy kind of day. I did do a few chores like dishes, laundry and yard sale stuff but that's it. We didn't even go to tumbling class since I didn't know if the gym was open and noone answered my msg or email. I'm glad school is back in tomorrow. I need that push to get back on a schedule plus I need my sanity. The boys can drive me crazy with the fussing and fighting and bickering and tattling. Oy! They are still very good kids, they just have their moments. I know this is only the beginning too. Dh has already warned me about brothers. He has two brothers, he would know!

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Melodie said...

It's not just brothers. Trust me! And, yes, it does get worse as they get older.