Friday, August 08, 2008

Rained out

Well almost, it was more thunder'd out than rain. I packed everyone into the car this morning along with towels, toys, beach blanket, dry clothes and lunch to head back over to Lithia Springs for some fun with our friends. We were only there an hour before we were kicked out by the lifeguards due to inclement weather in the area. The boys had fun while it lasted at least. Ian and I sifted for shark's teeth but all we found were freshwater snail shells and stones. Bella sat on my lap and Logan played in the water with his friends.

After we packed back up, we came home to enjoy our lunch and then it was naptime and dinnertime. I tried desperately to get in a nap but it's damn near impossible in this house. I have one son or another constantly asking me something or telling on their brother. I woke up with a headache to boot. Ugh.

We'll try again on Tuesday for a Back To School brunch with our playgroup friends. Cross your fingers for good weather!

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