Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back To School party!

Our playgroup had a Back To School party today at Lithia Springs. We each contributed something for breakfast/brunch, let the kids play on the playground and then went over to the spring to let them get wet and play. I think everyone had fun!

Every few hours the lifeguards do a *safety check* of the water. I really don't know what that means or what they are looking for, but they make everyone get out of the water for 15 minutes. One of the moms was joking that it's just a way for them to cool off. LOL As Logan was coming out of the water, he was complaining about his leg. He had scraped it on the rocks. But the drama really began when he saw it was scraped and bleeding. I don't think my son will become a doctor! Andrea was nice enough to put some non-ouch foam cleaner on it and then some Mela-Gel but Logan was still crying about it so we decided to go home. I really wanted them to get some rest before Logan had tumbling class tonight. I guess it was a good thing we left when we did because it started sprinkling as we got out on the main road and then we hit a downpour. If you want to hear what happened at the Spring, go check out Andrea's blog! Apparently it was quite the sight!

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