Saturday, August 23, 2008

A long Ikea day

We finally made it to Ikea this weekend! Yay! We even took all 3 kids. The boys were really good for the most part. I think we were there for at least 4 hours including lunch. Bella was perfect. I wore her for the first half and after lunch I put her in the stroller. She even took a nap in it without a fuss.

Lunch over there was decent. The boys had mac & cheese with fruit and gobbled it all down. Dh had a veggie wrap and I had some chicken & fries. We all shared a slice of their apple cake with vanilla sauce. The cake was so-so. My chicken was really good though- tender and moist and the fries were seasoned. They have some yummy honey-mustard sauce too. On our way out we picked up some cinnamon rolls too. I just ate one- yumm!

We got a few things for Christmas gifts, a ladybug rattle/toy for Bella and this huge playmat for her. It's really nice. It has a baby proof mirror and some toys attached to it plus it's skid proof on the bottom. It's much larger than our little playmat and since she rolls all over the place I really wanted something bigger. We don't have nice soft carpet anymore. We also bought some new cutlery for the boys to use. I didn't see any plates for them though. I was hoping to find some sort of melamine type plate so I could stop using paper.

I found so much I want to get for us and Bella's room. They have really cool flower lamps for her bedroom and in a couple of years, I want to get her a toy kitchen and buy her these and these and these. They are all metal and can actually be used for cooking. I could easily furnish and decorate my entire house in Ikea stuff! I can't wait for ours to open! It will only be 25 minutes away versus 90 minutes away!

On our way home we hit a nasty storm. A lot of lightning and torrential rain. I could hardly see in front of me and we were going way below the speed limit. Thank goodness it was over in a few minutes. I hate driving in the rain! After hitting Mickey D's for dinner for the boys and Publix for subs for dh and I, we headed home. After putting Bella to bed, I went out to SuperTarget for some groceries so I'm just getting home once again. I started this blog probably 4 hours ago and I'm just getting around to finishing it. Phew! Busy, busy!


Amanda said...

More than half of my house is Ikea. We love that place! We've been going for the past 6 years. As soon as things calm down around the new house we are planning to head there. Ours is about 45 mins. away...that's w/o traffic. It's in Northern Virginia near DC so there are times when you hit tons of traffic. We usually take 2 trips a year there. Hayley has those flower lights. I'll take a picture for ya (if you want) so you can see how we hung them. Her bed, night stand and dresser are all from there as well. I'm glad you enjoyed your first trip. They just released their new catalog and I can't wait to go!!!!!

Karlise said...

It wasn't our first trip- this was our second. We've just been trying to go for weeks and something's been going on every weekend.

Working Mama said...

It sounds like a really good productive day. I love days like that. Kudos. Glad you found some stuff. I got the cutest treasure chests for the boys last time I was there - I am putting all their costumes in them.

Melodie said...

I saw those lamps when we were there last month and thought about getting them for Katie's room - it's all pink and green, so they would definitely match.
Did you not see the dishes that go with the cutlery, or did you just not want to get them because they weren't melamine? I just got some really cute little dishes for Katie in the $1 spot at Super Target last week. She loves them, so I'm going to go back to get some more for her.