Friday, August 22, 2008

Shameless Mommy Brag

Skip this post completely if you don't want to ready my mommy brag!

I walked Logan into class today and his teacher told me she had asked the Gifted program teacher to come evaluate Logan. She noticed that he picked up a book at the media center the other day that was more advanced than kindergarten level and heard him reading it. She also mentioned she had started the testing they give each student to evaluate them and that by question #4, he was way ahead of her. She couldn't keep up with whatever it was she had to write. She told me it was the fastest test she had given and she can do these tests in her sleep. LOL Her son is in a gifted program so I'm more comfortable with her evaluation of him.

Now I'm not saying Logan will make it into the program although I hope he will. He may still need to work on his comprehension skills. I tested to get into the program when I was at that school and missed getting in by a few points or something like that. The class is only like 30? minutes a day too so he would still be with his classmates most of the time. I want him to keep learning without having to do the same things all over again in kindergarten that he did in Pre-K. Today for example, they were learning about the letter A. I know there are students in kindergarten who still need to learn their letters so I think this would be a good opportunity for him to push further.

So that's my mommy brag for the day- at least the school part of the day. I'll post about his tumbling accomplishments next. ;)


Melodie said...

That's great about Logan! It took me a year and a half to get Sarah tested - first because her K teacher was new and didn't know what to do about it, and then because her 1st grade teacher thought she was too shy to test well at the beginning of the year and wanted to wait for her to open up more. She didn't start to gifted program until 2nd grade.
You should probably go talk to the guidance counselor at the school and let them know that whether or not he scores high enough to get into the gifted program, you want him in a higher level class for at least reading. Even if he's not "gifted" they can still send him to a 1st grade class for the subjects he's advanced in.
Also, I heard that the minimum IQ score for the gifted program in lower for minorities, so make sure that you have him listed as "hispanic" on his school paperwork so you have a little more wiggle room. This will also benefit him when it comes to college entrance and scholarships.

Amanda said...

That is so neat Karlise! I know you are so proud of Logan.