Saturday, August 16, 2008

What a day!

Got up this morning and got ready to go out. I had a lot on my plate today. I needed to stop by the store and see if I could find some shorts/capris for myself. I'm still wearing some maternity shorts (thankfully you can't tell they are) and one of the pairs is starting to rip at the waistband. I've worn them out! So I stopped by JCPenney and Kohls and found nothing, nada, zip, zero. Ugh. I hate this time of year when jeans are in and shorts are out. We still have a good 3.5mo of hot weather to look forward to. After that, I had to stop at Costco for some chickens for a party with the IL's plus food for our house. I had to drop the chickens off at Franky's house and then come home, feed Bella, get the boys dressed, cook some baked beans and Boca burgers (which I totally forgot to do) and oh, did I mention dh threw his back out today and couldn't help with any of it?

Got to the party and had to cook the burgers. After we ate, it was time to feed Bella again and I got to relax a bit and hang out with my future SIL and her mom and friend. Bella was passed all around but was the perfect baby! She smiled, she cooed, and she never cried.

We got home and I fed Bella and put her to bed, got the boys ready for bed and then left again to try my luck one more time to find some shorts. Thankfully Bealls was open until 10pm tonight. I was there about an hour and a half trying on clothes. I did find 3 pairs though! Yea!!!

Now I'm home for the night getting ready to watch Phelps swim his last race and thinking of all the stuff I need to get done tomorrow like grocery/hurricane shopping and laundry. It never ends.

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Working Mama said...

Busy day! Hope Robert's back is better!!!