Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm learning!

I may get the hang of this school thing soon. :)

I dropped Logan off this morning so early! I think if it happens again, we'll head to breakfast first. I learned today that siblings can eat free too (Debbie, can you verify this? I heard it about another school in our district that Amy sends her kids to). We usually eat breakfast at home. Even if he just gets a milk, it counts though!

I'm learning that parking out front and walking to get Logan gets me out so quickly. I'm home by 2:25. We do get there about 20-25min early but the kids don't seem to care. We hang out in the car for a few minutes before walking up to the front. Ian just roams around. It's far better than waiting in car line forever. I'm sure car line will calm down but for now this works and Logan is happy.

I learned today that I can go to lunch with Logan and bring Ian and Bella. Yay! I know of moms in other schools who do it but all schools are different so I asked about it. I'll have to make it a semi-regular occasion. Maybe when dh is on vacation he'll go with us- or just him alone. We can eat in the cafeteria or outside at the picnic tables.

I know this will be a year of learning- for both of us.


Working Mama said...

What time does Logan get out of school??? You said you get home at 2:25 so I wondered. Matthew's school doesn't end until 2:45 & then with dismissal ..walking up now & car line when that is about 3:00 by the time I get him. He starts at 7:45 too. Just wondering.
Glad it went better for you. Do most kids bring lunch or buy there? I am just wondering how they handle unexpected people coming in for meals - if families can come eat with the kids - I'd think they'd worry about running out!

Debbie said...

Elizabeth eats breakfast at home, but she loves to go over and meet her one friend. So she ends up with 2 breakfast's. I never went with her to breakfast, that was her own special thing. I never thought about it, but now that you mentioned it, I think I did hear that about siblings.

Andrea, as far as the lunches, I know for myself, I went and would meet Elizabeth for lunch, but I didn't actually eat. She would eat and we would just chat. They usually try to keep friends away so that gives the parent special time with them. I might of had a cracker of E's lunch, but that's about all. PLUS, her lunch began at 10:05...way, way to early.

Karlise, car line probably has not improved yet...Today, I got there at 1:40 and I was 8th or 10th and just put a DVD on for Jillian. I rather sit and get out then to deal with some crazy parent like I did yesterday at the stop sign...Another story, not even worth talking about...

Karlise said...

We are in school from 8am to 2:15. Does Matthew get a longer lunch? Or actual naptime?

I don't plan on eating with him but just going to be with him when he's at lunch. Maybe I'll bring a snack for Ian or something.

Debbie, now you have my curiosity going? Spill it! What happened?

Melodie said...

I've never heard of siblings getting free breakfast at the schools. Maybe it's just a Yates thing. I would hope that since my tax dollars are paying for the free breakfast, they would only give it to the actual students for free. Giving it away to others is a waste of tax money that could be used for other things that are actually educational.
As for the lunches, whenever I ate lunch with Sarah and/or Emily, I usually brought something for myself to eat. One time I decided to get the same lunch as the girls, and I found out that they charge the adults more money for the same meal because they are not students.
Oh, and another thing with the free breakfast that upset me was that a child can get a complete breakfast, including milk, for free, but has to pay if all she wants is the milk. So, I told my girls to just get the whole milk and dump the food. It's just another way that our tax dollars get wasted in the cafeteria.

Debbie said...

You know that you have that stop sign on Morgan. Well I was the first person at that sign. You are suppose to alternate and one car goe from Ridgewood, then one side of Morgan, the next, and so on. Well the woman on Ridgewood went first as she should of. She was there first and yes...Well the woman behind her sped up not letting me in, nearly hit me and proceed to yell at me about me having the stop sign....As she sat there with her greasy hair, cig. hanging out of her mouth and something about motorcycles for a bumper sticker...oh, did I mention how dirty she looked...I gave her a gesture that normally do not do yelled something that I normally do not do...anymore at least....It just totally pissed me off. I've NEVER had trouble with the car line...It just infuriated me how she behaved...Yes, I went down to her level, but it was horrible. Maybe because I was worried about Jillian I was more shortfused, but come on.

I might see you in front of the school tomorrow. Elizabeth has 3 friends (siblings) coming over after school, so I need to pick them all up. Plus buy the new T-shirt and pay my dues for the PTA....