Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today is your birthday

Today was dh's birthday. Poor guy is just getting old(er). LOL He's suffering from bald-itis and keeps thinking out loud about shaving his head completely bald. I even went as far as researching those shampoos that help "regrow" hair. Not worth it.

So I asked him last night what he wanted for dinner tonight. He said he really wanted calzones. Great. I have no bread dough, I have no yeast, I can't get to the store. After asking online about alternatives to frozen bread dough or making my own, I decided today to pack everyone up and head over to Publix to get the fixins' for them. I ended up with refrigerated pizza dough in a can, pizza sauce, ricotta, Hidden Valley ranch dressing, croutons and a Carvel M&M Ice cream cake.

I had it all planned out- a nice salad, a slice of calzone and some ice cream cake for dessert. He was so happy when he saw I made his calzones that he didn't even see the salad stuff smack dab in front of him. I made 2 huge calzones (one pizza crust/can each) and would you believe he ate the ENTIRE freakin' thing!! The boys and I shared part of the first one and he ate the rest of that too. Good heavens!! He said it was so good, he just didn't even think about it. It made me ill just thinking about it. I thought he'd at least get a lunch tomorrow out of half of it.

For his birthday gift, I got him 2 tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at the Performing Arts Center. He really wanted to go see it (yes I've got a hubby who likes plays/musicals!!) so he was excited about that. The boys made him some birthday pictures too. I think he had a *good birthday overall!

*(He did find out we are completely losing health insurance though today so that was a huge bummer. We thought we may not be able to afford the new coverage and then we got notice that we could cover him and the kids but now there's not even a option for coverage which bites!! The company didn't qualify for the program or some BS like that. I had to apply for the FL Kidcare program today. Whole other vent!!!!)

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Melodie said...

Phil sometimes threatens to shave his head, too. It drives me nuts.

Phil probably would have eaten the whole calzone, too.

That really sucks about the insurance. Hopefully, everything will turn out okay for you all on that front.