Friday, August 22, 2008

Tumbling update

Just wanted to update on Logan's tumbling class. He's doing so well. I'm so proud of him. Last night there were only three students so Logan basically got an hour long private lesson! The other 2 students were with Shea as they were older and had a higher skill level (you can see them in the background). Our coach, Torian, is so awesome with Logan though. Logan is really learning to listen better and take instructions. He's getting stronger and can hold himself up in a handstand against the mats on the wall. He's getting better at actual tumbling (rolling) and grabbing his knees to stand right up. His favorite thing to do though is a back flip. I was told once again that boys who cheer have an almost guaranteed scholarship to college so if I can help it these boys will cheer! LOL That's about the only way I'll be able to pay for them!

Here's a little video of him last night.


Alison said...

That is awesome!! Go Logan~Catherine wants to take gymnastics. I know it would be an asset to her in dance as well. Cassidy cheered for 3 yrs but didnt know any gymnastic moves. She NEVER had an interest in taking it..she has just always stuck with Dance...I LOVE guy cheerleaders. Ours here at Univ.of TN are AWESOME and our dance academy owners daughter~Hannah is on the U.T Dance Team !

Working Mama said...

That's great - how wonderful for his coordination!

Holly said...

He looks so cute! 2020 Olympics here he comes!

My high school crush played on the football team, but he also was a cheerleader for basketball. He did the best back flips! Just a useless piece of info, but your post made me think of him. LOL

Melodie said...

As smart as Logan is, I doubt you really need to count on a cheerleading scholarship for him. Not that I'm saying he shouldn't cheer, just that he's smart enough for an academic scholarship.