Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bella's 4mo check up

Oh the fun of dragging 3 kids to the doctor's office. Thank goodness for the nurse who gave each boy a pen and pad of paper to draw on while we were waiting. I know I should have brought stuff but I just wasn't thinking about it this morning.

Bella is 19 weeks or just over 4 months old.
Weight- 12lbs 11.04oz (21%)
Height- 25 inches (68%) (and that was with her scrunching up a bit)

Looks like she will be tall like her brothers but on the skinnier side if she keeps going this way. Now usually after shots, my kids tend to sleep the rest of the day but apparently she wanted to be different and stayed awake most of today. I'll just have to hope she sleeps tonight. She's been up more often as of late and I'm tired! She's also been more smiley which I love. She even gave the Dr. smiles- maybe it's a guy thing. She smiles for the Dr, her daddy and her brothers but only sometimes for me....hmmm. She better not start flirting yet!

Here are some pics from today!

Look Mom! I gotta new skill! Yummy toes!

Sorry for the crappy quality, I had the ISO set on high and forgot about it.


Video coming later if I can get it to upload somewhere.

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Holly said...

Wow, she looks so much like Logan in that last picture!
So cute!!!