Thursday, August 14, 2008

Helluva storm!

Boy oh boy did we have some storms last night. I'm used to the Florida afternoon thunderstorms but these were crazy! We had one right around 7pm or so. I was nursing Bella before bed and I could just slightly see the tree limbs thru my blinds whipping around and I could hear the rain beating on the windows all the way across the house. It came thru pretty quickly but around 11:30pm there was another cell that came thru even worse. There was one clap of thunder that me jump out of my skin it was sooo close! It set off car alarms outside that aren't usually set off by storms. Right afterwards, my tv froze in the middle of the men's gymnastics. Darn it! The storm knocked out my DVR box and dh's cable card on the big screen.

I called Verizon this morning and they just got here to take a look at it. I saw a Verizon truck earlier just a few houses down and it's the same guy. Turns out the storm knocked out my neighbor's phone, internet and tv service. My next door neighbor said she saw one of her lawn chairs fly by last night. One of my other friends in the neighborhood had the same problem. Chairs in the pool, limbs down, etc. What a night!

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