Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Busy, busy!

First, I hope all my New Orleans friends stay safe with Gustav on his way. Let's pray it fizzles out for you!! Let's also pray that Hanna fizzles too. No. more. hurricanes.

Today started out with dh having a computer job to do so he wasn't here all morning. I took all three kids to Costco to do some grocery shopping. Costco was a madhouse. On the weekends they have those little booths set up so you can get free samples of foods they carry. We're talking about mini-cups. At one booth they were giving out samples of ice cream. I don't know what kind it was because I couldn't get near the booth. You would think they were giving out $20 bills! There was a line of people blocking the aisle trying to get a mini cup of ice cream. Thank goodness the boys had no idea what was there. I was not about to stand in line for that.

We got home and the skies opened up. It was blowing! I backed in so I could stand under the overhang and water was still coming into my truck. My carpet got wet in a few places. Once dh got home, we just hung out for a while and then he took the boys up to our favorite pizza place to meet his buddy for dinner. He brought me home a whole pizza (I only asked for a slice!). Apparently Moe had made a mistake pizza so dh got a bargain on it. LOL He was proud of himself for getting said bargain and happier still that I liked sausage on pizza. It's not like he could have eaten it! ;)

Tomorrow we are headed to Disney-Hollywood Studios I think with possibly a stop at DTD in the afternoon. We'll see how the weather is and how hot/tired we are.

Monday I think we're going to the Magic Kingdom. This will be our third Labor Day at Disney. We aren't spending the night in Orlando though even though it would be easier. It will cost us less in gas just to drive plus we'd have to find someone to watch/feed our dog. I'm excited to go because we haven't been in a couple of months. *gasp* I must say, the economy is pissing me off. We aren't able to do a vacation at all this year. :( Oh well... I know we're better off than many so I count my blessings and move on.

Happy Labor Day!!


Debbie said...

Have a blast...I hope the weather holds up for you...Its so hard to watch the weather and they say a big storm coming and nothing...and visa versa!!! The 3 ladies of the house are sick, so we need to hold off Disney for another week or two....Probably towards the middle of September!!! I also know what you mean about vacations...we forfeited one this year, but we might luck out and be able to use my husband's bosses timeshare in Kissemee again over Thanksgiving....I know Elizabeth would love that!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish you lived closer! I have major computer problems and would rather pay your dh than pay Geek Squad or Seagate!


Melodie said...

Sarah and Emily left for Disney last night. It's been raining there just like it is here. And because it's from Gustav, it'll probably still be raining tomorrow. Maybe it'll be dry for you on Monday. Let me know if you see my girls while you're there.