Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yard sales are for the birds!

Why did I say I wanted to do this?

This is what my living room looked like earlier today.

Good heavens! I've been sorting stuff all. day. long. We have tons of boys clothes! I have no idea how to price them though. Toys, cooking gear, flower arrangements, baskets, maternity and plus size clothes, vhs tapes, books, an owl, baby bottles, barely used breastpump with tons of unopened extras......ugh. If you've had a yard sale before, feel free to comment. How do I set up the baby clothes when I only have one long table? I hope to hang all the adult clothes. I have some blankets/old sheets I can use on the ground too.

Books- $0.50
Baby/toddler clothes- $0.50 or full outfits (2+pieces) $1.00
Maternity/plus size- $2.00ea
Toys- depends
Sound good? Too low/high?

I know I have readers- loyal, awesome in-real-life and 'net friends as well as strangers(still awesome if you're reading!). Hit me with all your greatest advice. Don't make me beg!


jennifer said...

clothes are not a big seller and if they do sell they sell for cheap, cheap cheap. Try Craigs List for the baby/kidclothes first. the other clothes would do well hung up.

Also, you need more tables or make shift tables. They sell better on a table.

I think the rule of thumb for selling is something like.... price at 20% of the original price.

Working Mama said...

You might just do better to sell the clothes in lots on Ebay quite honestly. Especially if they are in good shape. I just sold several lots of clothes Patrick had outgrown on Ebay and did well. Especially if you can bundle fall/winter type clothes...long sleeve, long pants. That seems to be more attractive to all areas of the country right now. The toys too...if you can bundle several infant toys, etc. Not to get you away from the yard sale but it is waaay less work & often more productive on Ebay.
If you are doing the yard sale you definitely need more tables. Just use anything that makes a makeshift table - even wood on top of cinderblocks or saw horses. crates with something on top covered by a sheet. patio table, etc. Anything.

Debbie said...

I agree with Jen and Andrea's post's, especially with Ebay...My experience with toys and books are not really great. You can do amazon for books, especially if they are hardcover....Our neighborhood is hit or miss...

I think we have a card table and we might have a longer table, if you need. Since I am literally right around the corner, its a piece of cake...Let me know!!!

Karen said...

I agree with the clothes. Usually the mexicans are the ones to buy the clothes and they don't want to spend any money for them. They will try to bargain with you so you are practically giving them away just to get rid of them, lol.

My neighborhood does really well with toys (at least the nice ones not the junky happy meal toys).

I've found the best things that sell are general household items. Old sheets, blankets, shower curtains, pots, dishes, glasses, etc.