Friday, March 07, 2008

Baby Wearing part 2

I may get addicted to this. Sshhhh don't tell dh! I joined and I just bought my first used ring sling. It's a Solarveil in a gorgeous turquoise color. Solarveil will be perfect in FL since it's cool, has UV protection and dries quickly if you wear it in the water.

I think I'll still be buying a K'tan and eventually a Mei Tai. I like that I can buy them used though and can always turn around and resell them on the same site later. Now I'll probably be stalking the boards trying to find my next buy. LOL

There is SOOO much info on this site about babywearing! If you ever thought about BW, you have to go check it out! Lindsey, I bet you could even find info on wearing your twins! It would give you your hands free to handle the other boys!

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Working Mama said...

very cool, Karlise. I wish I'd had better luck with "wearing" my boys when they were babies...I wish I found sites & stuff like that when Matthew was a baby for sure! I'm sure it would have made my experience totally different!
Andrea (and I love that color!)