Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shopping and celebrity spotting...

Tonight we went out to Westshore mall so I could try to exchange some maternity clothes I had. I was able to exchange the shirts for smaller ones but they had no yoga pants in maternity OR regular sizes. WTH? So it looks like I'm still going to have to exchange them by mail. Booooo. They are the only Old Navy around with a maternity section too.

So I'm so not a celebrity stalker which is why I don't have an actual picture of her but guess who I saw at the mall?? Brittany Snow!! I recognized her (at least I hope it was her but if it wasn't she was a twin!) and I did a double take to make sure but I'm 99% positive it was. She was inside Starbucks with a friend although she wasn't actually drinking the Starbucks, she had a Smoothie King cup in her hand. Her hair was kinda messy but that's all I remember. I couldn't even tell you what she had on. LOL How's that for details! Dh wasn't impressed and didn't even know who she was. I do though! I loved her show American Dreams and she was in the remake of Hairspray. I think this was my 1st ever celebrity spotting!

While at the mall, we ate at EVOS. Yummo! Can we put one of these in our town please???? I even had an organic chocolate shake with my dinner. Mmmm. It was low in calories too(when compared to fast food places). Their ketchups are good too. I like the garlic one.

I also had my SIM card for my phone upgraded. I can now send text messages. Woohoo! My card was the original I got like 10 years ago. Ha!! The guys at Tmobile were loving my new phone. Said it was the best phone out there right now. I guess to them cell phones are like car seats are to me. It's just their "thing". So now if anyone needs to text me, I can actually reply!

Would you believe we didn't buy anything else? You're surprised aren't you? I know, the Queen of Shopping, didn't shop! I found a cute dress at TCP for Bella but it was on "sale" at only $1.50 off regular price. Not what I was looking for. I'll wait.....

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Melodie said...

I'm sure it was Brittany you saw... She is from here, you know.

And don't you have the 15% off coupon for TCP? That would have taken a little more off of the dress. If you want a coupon, I can give you one tomorrow.