Friday, March 07, 2008


While looking over my blog just now, I came back across my 37 wk preggo pic from a few days ago. You can so TOTALLY tell I've gained a ton this pregnancy. Check it out for yourself- over on the left <--- is my profile pic when I was just barely pregnant. Now look at me farther down. My face is fat and we won't go into the rest of me! LOL Don't worry, I'm not down on myself about it and I appreciate all the compliments I've gotten recently that I look good. It's just an observation! Between birth, breastfeeding and getting back on the WW wagon sometime in May, I'll be back to my slim, hot self in no time. I'll just have bigger boobs! ;)


MartaDavis said...

Oh Karlise, it's ok tht you gained because you were very slender when you got pregnant. I know you will be back to thin in no time. The WW lifestyile is very good and works and you are the living proof of it. Oh, by the way, I have lost 14 pounds so far!! and my dh, just by having dinner at home has lost 15!

Working Mama said...

the pregnant body is so beautiful - I know you know that and you look great. Yeah so there is some will be gone soon enough...chasing after 3 will help with that too!


Melodie said...

Skinny with big boobs... Isn't that what we all want?