Monday, March 31, 2008

Mei Tai Baby

Forgot to update on our first venture out babywearing yesterday. I chose my Mei Tai instead of the ring sling. It was really comfortable and so much better than carrying around a carseat. She was froggied up inside it tummy to tummy and slept the entire time we were at the store. My back did start to ache a bit at the end but I think it's bc I don't have the tummy muscles back yet and my back is still off from carrying all that weight up front. I did try her in the RS, but it just wasn't comfortable. I don't feel like I have her in it right either so when I see you next Julie, you'll have to help me out.

Logan did get his carseat. We chose the Airbooster by Graco. I'll have to get some pics of him in it when he gets home today. He loved his new seat but he was asking where his seatbelt was (meaning his harness). He was locked in tight though so he'll be as safe as possible. It's still a sad, sad day. I'm just glad we have the Husky for the other 95% of the time he'll be in the truck.

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