Sunday, March 09, 2008

What I actually did today

Dh and the boys were gone for probably 6 hours today or so. I'm not sure I got 6 hours of work done but I did do some things! Let's see...

  • Moved filing cabinet into closet.
  • Moved Ian's clothes from dresser into cabinet (they fit really well btw!!). Still need one more which is on backorder.
  • Cleaned up boys' room.
  • Moved Bella's clothes and stuff into drawers.
  • Took down and gathered most of Ian's crib set for auction. :( I love his frogs and hate to sell them.
  • Put up the pack n play where Bella will sleep for the first month or so in our room.
  • Finished packing my birth center bag- well 99% of it.
  • Did umpteen loads of laundry. Still not quite done.

What's left? So freakin much!

  • Painting Bella's room which also means tearing down the wallpaper border in there first. (DH's job)
  • Putting the nursery together. Buying curtain for her closet.
  • Buying all the snacks/drinks I need during labor and packing them.
  • Gathering all the last minute essentials like contact stuff, cameras, etc the day I'm in labor.
  • Finish painting the boys' room. (DH's job) Buying curtain for their closet.
  • Buy a baby bathtub, sleepsacks and diaper holder thingy.
  • Possibly buy new carseat for Bella.
  • Oh and last but not least....have a baby!

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting but there's your short list. See, I did accomplish something today. Of course, I also stalked the FSOT board on thebabywearer and inquired about a Mei Tai that was for sale and also I blogged and read everyone else's blog (that actually wrote something today!). I feel no guilt!

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