Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's sooo quiet....ahhhhh

Dh just left with the boys. They are headed to St Pete to his bff's house to help him hang the big screen we just sold him and then to his brother's for our neice's birthday party. I chose to stay home today. I have a lot I need to do before Bella gets here but right now I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet. No fighting, no crying, no cartoons, no "I'm hungry" (bc you know I never feed them- haha). It's so quiet....ahhhhh.

I'm going to enjoy it for a few minutes more then it's back to work. It's peaceful work though!


Melodie said...

My house was like that yesterday morning. The girls had all spent the night with my mom and Phil and I had some nice quiet time.

Working Mama said...

ENJOY! I am jealous!

Karen said...

Me too! I never get the house to myself. At least not for longer than an hour.

Scarlett said...

Me too!!! I can't remember the last time I was home all alone. I don't think it happens more than once a year or so! LOL!