Monday, March 24, 2008

Today the day??

I went to bed with those cx and kept them overnight and this morning. They aren't painful at all yet, but mighty uncomfortable. I'm just doing my thing and relaxing thru them. I also woke up to some **TMI** blood and mucas so my body is most def. getting ready! I'm guessing that if this labor holds up the same as my last one, it will be some time tonight. (Having one now... hang on) I've got an errand to run this morning (bank) and then I'll be back home relaxing and timing. I will keep everyone updated.


Amanda said...

Sound like you are on your way. I will be thinking and praying for you. I'll keep checking back to see if there are more updates. BIG HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Where did ya go??? I kep f-5ing like it's a woot off!!!! LOL

BIg hugs!

I hope you have a picture perfect delivery!