Monday, March 31, 2008

Heart Attack

Logan thinks he's such a big boy and so strong. He's always picking up Ian and carrying him around. You know where this is going, right? Last night, I went to get something for Bella in her room and she was crying. I walked back into my room and Logan had picked her up and was holding her. OMG. I think my heart jumped. He meant well and I know that but it's hard to explain to a 5 yr old that he can't just pick up his baby sister. I went to help put her back down and he sorta dropped her into the bassinet. Thankfully she didn't have far to drop and she wasn't hurt. And I don't mean he literally dropped her, he just didn't have her head controlled so she kinda flopped back. I'm glad he's such a caring big brother though. They are both so cute with her. I've got 2 boys that will be great protectors of their sister I think.


Lindsey said...

OMG!! My oldest nephew was 5 when his little brother was born too. My sister decided to take a shower since the baby was sleeping in the bassinet. She told the 5 year old to just sit on the bed and watch TV. When she got out of the shower the TV was off and the 5 year old wasn't in the bed. She then looked in the bassinet and the baby wasn't in there. She found both of them DOWNSTAIRS watching TV!!! The 5 year old got the baby out of the bassinet and carried him down the stairs, then put him in the bouncy seat and sat on the couch!! The baby was fine and still sound a sleep!

I need to remember all of this when the twins get here. I can see Ethan and Joshua taking the babies downstairs. UGH!

Working Mama said...

Oh my God - heart attack city! Sounds like you kept your wits about you and all went as good as it possibly could. I don't remember who it was we had in BAM for a while that said her 3 year old climbed into the crib and got their baby out of the crib!!! Yikes! Yes, GREAT protectors they'll be!

Karen said...

I didn't have any moments like that with Shawn and Joshua but that's because I did not trust Shawn to be alone in the same room with Joshua, lol.