Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diaper Bags part 2

Now I'm looking between FV and Ju-ju-be bags. Someone said their FV bag was ruined when soymilk was spilled inside but noone else has had that problem and everyone has raved about them. JJB is waterproof both inside and out and has an assortment of cool fabrics and sizes. So many decisions!!!

Linds, I know you mentioned PPB but they can't be washed or even dry cleaned and supposedly they stain easily. Just FYI!

I'm not wired to make all these decisions!!


Lindsey said...

I wondered about that too. I think I decided against them, even though they are too cute! I have a bag that I used with Joshua that I'm going to try for a while.

Holly said...

I like these.

Amanda said...

Hey I've got a Fleurville Sling Tote and I love it.

My brothers fiance works for Posh Tots so she got me the bag at cost. I love the bag however I like to tote around a ton of stuff and slip my cell, wallet and coupon holder in I may end up getting the Mothership as well...which is a bit bigger.

Anonymous said...

Just googling some info. on Petunia Diaper Bags and saw your postings. Check out the "glazed" bags from them. They are laminated and wipe-able. This is the one I have. It has an embroidery detail that doesn't show up on the image. Just thought you'd like to know. Happy diaper bag hunting.