Monday, March 24, 2008

Update #1

LOL @ Lindsay's comment on my last post. If you've ever participated in a Woot Off, you'll get it!

Right now everything is still in the early stages. Nothing consistent. I was having some surges 10min or so apart and around 53sec. each but then I had a few mild surges only a few minutes apart and 30+sec. each. So I'm sitting on my birth ball rocking and bouncing. My labors tend to be long (the last was around 23hrs start to finish) so I'm really not expecting anything to happen this afternoon. Who knows though? If I were to count from last night to now, we're looking at almost 17hours so far but I slept thru most of that and it's all been mild. I have to go get Logan in about an hour and then I plan on napping while Ian is napping so I won't be back to update until after 3pm at least.


Jenn said...

Good Luck Karlise !!!

I'll be thinking of you & can't wait to see your Bella.


Anonymous said...

I have been checking the Sept 2002 board daily for you. I will start checking here instead!! Good luck and best wishes.

Lynn (MSN Sept 2002 Board)