Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Cool Cakes

Check out this slide show.

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Miche said...

Hey! This is Miche, thanks for stopping by my blog! As for my carseat-the straps aren't twisted though they do look like it in the pic, but I was curious about the "loosness" of the straps-how loose should they be? I read the instructions and they said to keep a "two finger" distance between the baby and the straps-is that too loose? I am going to actually go by the fire dept and have them look at it since you mentioned what you thought. Super Thanks!!!!! Also, I did buy the pads separate because he sleeps in the car and his neck goes straight down; however, these keep his head up-is that also bad? I got them at Babies R Us and they were advertised specifically for the purpose of supporting sleepy heads-but again, I am guessing that the fire dept can tell me what is safe or not and what to change. Thanks for the insight!! Have a great weekend!