Monday, March 03, 2008

Made up for it

Since I didn't do much shopping on Saturday, I more than made up for it tonight! I even got to go all by MYSELF!

I got a nursing bra at JCP and 6 little outfits for Bella. Only $10 OOP after my gift cards. The outfits were supposed to be 2/$20 and at least 2 of them had clearance tags for $8.99 so she rang them all up for that price. Saved me some money!

Then I went over to Motherhood and got 2 night nursing bras, 2 day nursing bras, a Glamourmom tank and 2 nursing tshirts- after GC I think it was still like $80+ OOP.

Next I went over to Target. I didn't use my GC there since I wasn't buying baby stuff. I did get a pack of Luvs practically free after coupons though. There's a web coupon for $5/3 packs plus there was a $1.50 coupon on boxes. I should have pulled 2 more of those $1.50 coupons. Oh well! I got the boys 2 of the talking big non-transforming Transformers as a gift from Bella when she arrives. They are safely hidden in the trunk of dh's car. Ian is way too nosy to leave it in the house. They both love that movie. I know they'll love these.

I took the new car tonight. This was pretty much the first time I've driven it any distance. (I drove it from the dealer to Sweet Tomatoes when we got it). It drives really nice! Very smooth and has good pickup for a 4cyl. I can't wait to get the radio and speakers switched out though. They sounds like crap compared to what I'm used to now. Haha! I'm spoiled in my truck.

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