Saturday, March 29, 2008


Bella had a very good night and dh and I actually feel more rested this morning. Yea! I'm probably jinxing it for tonight but I'll take the sleep where I can get it. He took her from 10-1am and then I had her the rest of the night. She even slept in her bassinet and not on me. I'm sure I'll need a nap later but for now, I feel good.


Working Mama said...

Hooray! Even one good night of sleep is worth so much with a brand new baby! Good for you all! Hope it is not a jinx!

Anonymous said...

So glad you and Robert got some sleep last night! I know how scary it is to let them sleep on their belly, but it was the ONLY way Corbin and Kyra would sleep. I didn't want them sleeping on me (always afraid they would roll off) or with me either (afraid I would roll over on them), so I just trusted God and let them sleep on their belly.

It is hard to do, but I knew it was the only way any of us would get sleep.It was much easier when Kyra came along since I had already gone through it with Corbin 2 years before.

Hope tonight brings more sleep!
Rachel (MSN)

Scarlett said...

Great news, K!!! One good night's sleep can make all the difference.

Melodie said...

Way to go, Bella! Keep letting Mommy get some sleep.