Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday update

No news on the baby front. It's time to come out Bella!!!

Ian has a fever today and is refusing to eat anything. I just got him to drink some watered down juice for the first time and he's usually been thru at least 2 sippy cups by now. He's clingy and keeps telling me he's sick but other than that, he appears fine. Hopefully it's just a 24hr thing.

Logan had a Easter party at school yesterday and they lost Ian. I was in panic mode for a few minutes. Ian followed the kids out to the playground while I stayed and talked to some moms inside. The teachers knew he was there and he even followed them inside but apparently he decided to walk back OUT the door and back to the playground. I was checking all the classrooms when they saw him outside. Good heavens that boy will be the death of me. He could have easily walked out to the parking area. It's just as much my fault though so I certainly don't blame the teachers.

What else.... my MIL brought over a bunch of baby stuff last night. Too bad it all reeks of cigarette smoke. Blech!!!! I may have to return some of it because there's a ton of newborn stuff and Bella may not fit into it if she is as big as expected. We'll see. I can't just wash the stuff either and I can't put it in her room until it's washed. She also bought a mobile but I'm not sure if I want to keep it. It's a jungle theme and while it's brightly colored, it just doesn't "go" with the pink PBK room. What to do?

My girlfriend Kelly from TX sent me a package that I got in the mail yesterday. I've "known" her over the internet for a few years now. We both have Sept 02 boys and I met her and her family in person when they came to Disney. Inside was a couple of cute baby outfits and even a pair of pink baby water shoes! So adorable! Thanks again Kelly!!


Melodie said...

Bella's waiting to go to the zoo tomorrow!

Kelly said...

You are very welcome Karlise! I can't wait to meet Ms. Bella, but I bet you are very ready. lol