Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was asking today why every time they marked my chart at the birth center, it was off by a couple of days. Today I should have been 39 wks, 2 days but instead they had me at 39wks. Well, according to my LMP, I would be due on the 23rd but according the the ultrasound they did at 20wks or so, I'm now due on the 25th!! Nooooooo!! Don't add more days!!!

My appt went well overall. Iron is perfect. I did have trace amts of protein and ketones but I didn't have any water this morning, only a little oj and milk so they aren't worried about it. BP was fine and Bella's HR is great.

To my sweet little girl snuggled up so content inside my belly, this is your eviction notice!! It's time to come out and meet the world.


Karen said...

Wow, I just looked at your ticker and saw 5 days left. I know it was coming up but I didn't realize you were that close. I'll be sending contraction vibes your way. Good luck!

Scarlett said...

don't worry about those 2 days... it doesn't mean anything. Babies come when they are ready. Come on, Baby Bella!!!

Melodie said...

Just tell Bella that if she doesn't hurry up, she'll have to wait a whole year before the Easter Bunny brings her a basket full of goodies.