Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's party time!

We've had a busy weekend! Logan was invited to a birthday party on Saturday. It was his buddy's 5th birthday and they had a reptile party. Logan got to touch snakes, lizards (including one called a legless lizard), turtles and even an alligator! He was nervous before we left about the snakes but he was okay when it came down to it. I have to say, I was very proud of how well he sat and listened while other kids were jumping around, not raising hands and interrupting the speaker.

Today we had our annual playgroup Easter Party at Andrea's. She's hosted nearly every year except last I believe. We had an awesome turnout and since we did it on the weekend for the first time we even had some Dads there. All the kids had a wonderful time! We let the 3 and under crowd go Easter Egg hunting first and then the older kids. They loved it. After that, we had lots of sugary snacks and the kids got to run around the yard and be wild. I think Logan brought most of her sand box home with him. He was covered! Thank you Andrea for hosting yet again, you always throw a great party!

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Melodie said...

Now I love snakes and such, but those legless lizards freak me out.