Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Only a high maintenance woman would wear THESE. I just can't imagine the everyday Mom or even a single girl wearing those! Where would you where them? They don't look remotely comfortable!

Can you imagine wearing THESE at the local pool? LOL Wouldn't you just be uber-cool! Not! (Upon further reading, these may be just an art display)

On the "plus" side, check out these real women models! Click on the gallery link for more pics.

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Melodie said...

There's no way in hell I could wear those heal-less shoes! I can't stand wearing high-heals and on the rare occasion that I do, I rest my weight on my heals a lot. I doubt I could walk around on my toes for even fifteen minutes.

Oh, and as for those "real women," I guess she doesn't think women are real unless they have huge boobs. I wouldn't qualify, I guess.