Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do I have 2 heads?

Because one of the ladies at Petite Elite looked at me like I did when I told her I didn't see the need for a nursing cover up (she asked if I needed one). I pointed out that they actually make you stand out when you are nursing IMO. I know automatically when someone is nursing and wearing one. Most of the time you can't tell a mom is nursing her baby. I've seen a few at the mall and I never know if she is or not if it's done discreetly. This lady acted like I was going to let it all hang out though if I didn't wear one! Ugh...

Btw, they STILL don't have the freakin Radians in and don't know when they will. I talked to them last year about it! I'm going to have to give in and buy the darn things online and hope they fit.


Scarlett said...

I agree, K!!! I have always been a little freaked about flashing my boobs in public (when I'm trying to nurse, not on purpose, of course!), but I can't imagine wearing one of those cape things. I always felt okay about it when I could just find a nice quiet corner (an out of the way bench in the mall, a corner booth or table in Panera, anywhere where I don't feel totally exposed - I've even used dept. store dressing rooms in a pinch) and just get on with it. The kid has to eat, and you have to feed him/her. Fussing with all that extra stuff just BRINGS MORE ATTENTION. I know some women feel better throwing a baby blanket over themselves, but honestly, that was just a hastle for me. It makes me hot, the baby hot, and it keeps shifting around. After nursing two babies (and having to use a nipple shield with one of them), I'm still not 100% comfortable nursing in public, but I'm over it enough to just do it and move on. There are too many other things to worry about. So no, you do not have two heads. You should have asked the sales lady to wear a cape around for a while and see how many stares she gets.

Melodie said...

I asked about the Radians at Petite Elite last year, too, because I wanted to see it and touch it before I bought it, but they didn't have them and didn't know when they would. I doubt they'll ever get them in.
It's too bad there's not a third person in the group with one because then you could just use ours to see if three would fit.