Friday, March 21, 2008

Dropped?- updated

Update: Dh says I have dropped as well. I am convinced.
a) I can breathe again!
b) all her movements are def. lower and closer to my belly button
c) it feels like she's clawing at my bladder
d) there's much more pressure down there

Come on Bella- prove Miss Jen wrong!! LOL

According to Logan's teachers today, I've dropped some. I hadn't really noticed but maybe they are right. I don't feel her so much up in my ribs even when I slouch. That's a good sign! :)

Speaking of school, at least 8/18 students were absent today in Logan's class. There wasn't even a line at the other entrance where the rest of the school picks up for car line (we have a private car line since we're in a seperate building). I wonder what the numbers will be tonight on the news.


Melodie said...

You know, with first pregnancies, it can be weeks after the baby dropped before they are born, but with subsequent pregnancies, sometimes the baby doesn't drop until just before or even after, labor begins. Hopefully, she'll get her little but out of there ASAP!!

Scarlett said...

Yay!!! Come on down, Baby B!!!

Anonymous said...

She's coming!