Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday night update

I realize I didn't post what else the boys got from the easter bunny besides Legos (which they've been playing with all day!). They got the Bee Movie and 101 Dalmations plus a bit of candy (including recycled candy from previous parties haha).

Dh finished painting the boys' room and has nearly finished 3 walls in Bella's room. It's taking 3 coats to cover the baby blue in there unfortunately. So now we need at least another gallon. It's so weird to see PINK in that room! He's decided he'd like to put up some crown molding and frame out her window to break it up a bit. Sounds good to me!

I've been having cx for the past 2 hours but nothing consistent. They are def. "real" though as they are starting in my lower back and coming around the front. I think I ended up timing maybe 2 of them. LOL they were 13-15min apart and 86sec long each. This is a very cool tool to save. I've already fielded at least 3-4 calls today to see if she'd come yet. Okay, just because today was my "guess" date (unofficially before the u/s), doesn't mean she'll come that day. According to my u/s, I'm not really due til Tuesday so I still have time. I promise when I'm in early labor, I WILL let you know!

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