Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diaper Bags

ha! You thought I was having a hard time finding a sling/mei tai, let me tell you it's worse trying to find a diaper bag! I can't find anything I like that doesn't cost over $200. Okay, only partially true. I do like the Fleurville Suzy Pak(on sale for $70) but I just read that someone had something spill in a Fleurville and it was basically ruined since it can't be cleaned all the way thru- only wiped clean. I don't care for Vera Bradley prints personally. I don't like blah looking bags even if they are functional like the SkipHop bags. I don't want just a plain backpack either. Ugh! Why must I be so indecisive?? I'm running out of time here! Nothing at Target or BRU has caught my eye at all. Anyone have a suggestion for a good diaper bag?


Working Mama said...

You wouldn't believe how many diapers bags I bought when I was pregnant with Matthew & after he arrived - I think 7 or 8 and I didn't like any. It was gruelling. With Patrick I think I only bought 4 or 5...I never got a Vera as a diaper bag but I gave up diaper bags for tote bags at some point. I had the coach diaper bag for a while with Matthew but sold was just too big. good luck!

Lindsey said...

Have you looked at Pitunia Picklebottom's?? I think they are SO cute. They're less than $200, but not by much!

jennifer said...

Ummmmm.......didn't you get a very cute diaper bag with Bella's name on it at your surprise shower. USE IT!!!