Thursday, March 06, 2008

Do not throw stones

In my calm blue ocean.

I do not need or want to hear about pain meds.
I do not want or need to use them.

Hell, I CAN'T use them. What should I take, Tylenol??

I'm going to a free standing birth center. There are no OB's. There are no anesthesiologists. There are no nurses.

There's only me, my dh, my midwife and her assistants. And anyone else I may want to come along.

I am working with midwives with years of experience who never leave my side to check on other patients. I have birth assistants who never leave my side. I plan on being in a warm pool of water to help relieve pain. I plan on going inside myself while listening to my Hypnobirthing scripts and relaxing. I plan on having a calm, gentle birth.

Women were designed to have babies. We've been doing it for years and years and years. Having a baby is not medical, it's miracle.

Whether my Bella is 6lbs or 10lbs, I want her to have the best entrance into this world she can. A calm, gentle birth. Not one with harsh lights and cold air. No poking and prodding the minute she's out. It's hard being in a warm, dark womb and all of a sudden thrust into those conditions. Wouldn't you feel the same way? Think about it like living in a warm cave for 9mo and having no sunlight only to be thrust into a sunny but cold world with no warning.

This is the birthing experience I want. Do not throw stones in my calm blue ocean.


Heather said...

Don't I wish Tyler's birth had been strictly "miracle" (or my own birth for that matter)! More power to you though for being able to do it on your own! Good luck! We can't wait to meet her!

Karlise said...

Just wanted to clarify, I'm talking about my birth experience.

I know we need medical interventions sometimes and I respect that. I don't respect OBs who want to induce the moment you are 40wks and are overdue or threaten C/S bc you "might" have a big baby for no other reason that that.

Even with a hospital birth, it is possible to have a calm, gentle birth. It's all a matter of having a birth plan and making sure dh or your support is there to back you up and tell everyone else to back off.

jennifer said...

Amen Sister!! You can do it. I am by your side the whole way. Calm waters all the way!

Scarlett said...

I hope you get the exact experience you want and are planning for. And don't let anyone scare you with the "big baby" thing... Even ultrasounds are off somewhat, and this was just a person with her hands on your belly. You can do it!

Melodie said...

Gosh, Karlise, I really hope you weren't directing this at me. You have to know that I was joking about reconsidering pain meds.
I really hope that everything goes as you have it planned. I've never had that luxury - nothing with any of my deliveries went the way I planned.

Karlise said...

My post wasn't directed at anyone specifically. It seems all pregnant women get these comments.