Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

As you can see, I'm still here...

The boys woke up to see the easter bunny had been here. By the time dh and I had gotten out of bed, most of the eggs had been opened and dumped out by Ian already. We didn't hide the eggs this year since it rained all day yesterday and overnight. They were supposed to go over to a neighbor's house this morning for an egg hunt too but I'm betting that's cancelled.

Right now, the boys are in the dining room playing with their huge new box of Legos. Dh was always a Lego fan so now he has someone to play with. Hehe. All Legos are banned to the kitchen table unless dh says otherwise and is supervising. WAY too many tiny, itty bitty pieces to lose. And I'm talking TINY. They are having fun and that's what matters though.

Yesterday we finally got started on Bella's room. Nothing like last minute right? Dh scraped off the wallpaper border (bye frog prince) and using a vinegar/water solution, the glue came right off. No chemicals! I went thru all the baby clothes that were still in there and am giving them to friends or charity. I'm sure I'll have more if we ever go thru the attic. Today he's supposed to start painting in there and finish the last wall of the boys' room. We'll see if anything actually gets done.

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