Monday, March 24, 2008

Update #3

I've been away from the computer, sorry! I was watching Making the Band from last night, eating dinner(Cheesecake Factory) and then I was napping and listening to my HB scripts again while dh watched the boys. I'm still here though!

The surges are def. getting stronger and more painful. To the point where my HB was not working while I was laying in bed. It's gonna be a loonnngg night! Last time I unofficially timed them, they were 12min apart. Still not sufficient enough to get me anywhere I'm guessing. Too far apart to be considered active labor.

I did call my MW and let her know. She already had a mom laboring in the tub so hopefully by the time I get there, it will be all ready for me. I'm staying hydrated and eating. I'm sure I'll be getting into the shower soon. That hot water will feel good. All the surges are felt in my back and butt so hopefully she's not turned. I've been on hands and knees for a while so if she is, hopefully she'll turn back. Posterior babies lead to long labors which I DO NOT WANT!


Lindsey said...

Yea!! I'm so glad you updated! I was starting to worry!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Most of mine were facing the wrong way It makes for harder labor, but the pushing wasn't any more difficult (maybe that gives you a little something to look forward too LOL)

12 minutes is good, stay strong!!

Thank you for taking the time to update us! I've been thinking about you most of the day!


Scarlett said...

Hang in there, K!!! Call me if you need ANYTHING!!! I'm so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

IF IF IF you get a sec, check your pm's at wtc :)

Also nothing like shopping for your new baby to pass the time! is having a 70% off clearance sale and some of that stuff is to die for cute!!

Working Mama said...

Keep going, Momma..she'll be here soon! I will be praying the labor tub is free and all ready for you if you need it!

Stacy said...

Stella was facing the wrong way too, she was here in less than 3 hrs after the cx got to be difficult to handle. So here's to a fast labor!!! Come on Bella, don't make your mommy wait too long!!!