Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I think this is the first time I've had all day to blog. Not easy with a newborn but I'm still trying.

So first thing this morning we had our first dr appt. Overall it went well. We have to go back again tomorrow and Friday so he can check her weight and watch for jaundice. I'm betting if this wasn't a BC birth, we wouldn't have to do all of this. Anyway, I made the mistake of saying it was a waterbirth on top of a birth center birth and boy did I get a lecture. I rolled my eyes thru most of it. You'd think I was taking business from him! He likened going to a BC the same as if I was a pioneer or indian woman giving birth in the woods 200 years ago. Are you kidding me? I am still worked up over it. He's a great Dr but really, I don't need his opinion on my births. He actually said I shouldn't "advertise" that I had this birth this way bc not all women are that strong. He's seen women die. Again- seriously?! I'm just not sure what the hell to say to that.

So we came home and just as I was finally getting a nap late afternoon(couldn't sleep earlier) we were invaded by the IL's. I had already told my gf it was okay to bring over dinner (yummy btw!!) and my IL's came over with 2 humongous pans of lasagna, salad, cake, and bread. I didn't even know they were coming and all of a sudden I had 5 addt'l people in my house. I may have been a bit rude but I napped a bit more in my room, fed Bella and ate my gf's food. I felt a bit overwhelmed that everyone was here. I was happy to see my Dad though. He didn't get to stay long as I was mid-nap but he got to see his newest grandbaby.

Last night was rough. Bella just doesn't want to sleep by herself. About 1am after I'd tried everything I could think of, I woke dh and he went to the family room with her. She slept with him til 6 this morning so I could get some zzzz's. Even now, she's up and I just fed her and put her down 10min ago. I have a feeling she'll be sleeping with me tonight.

Okay, here are some pics. I finally got some on the PC tonight. The boys held her for the first time and Logan looked so proud. She also had her 1st sponge bath. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I love reading them all!



Scarlett said...

She's so cute!!! She looks a lot like her big brothers. Adorable! I hope you get some sleep tonight. Sorry you were invaded... that sort of sucks. I know everyone's excited, but sheesh! You just gave birth YESTERDAY!!! I'm shocked that the pediatrician reacted that way. Is he really old, or just being a boy? You know how "delicate" women are... they could die from the pain alone! Oh, the drama!

Heather said...

Oh, yeah, baby Bella pictures! I've been checking back faithfully! She's adorable! Again, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Karlise, she is beautiful. I'm so happy that she is here and healthy. I know you are glad too! The boys look so proud of their baby sister. Reminds me of my boys 11 short months ago. Sniff, sniff. Now they just complain that she won't stay out of their room! Take care and I'll keep you all in my prayers. Get some rest if you can. It'll make you feel better. Congratulations - you and Robert make beautiful babies!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, it's Kim (Jake-Jackson-Jacey)from the Sept 02 Friends board.

Kelly said...

I love the picture of Ian and Bella. She is screaming and he has this look of panic...priceless!

She is a cutie! That is so odd about the pediatrician. Totally not my cup of tea, but you did your research and that was your choice. More power to you!

Melodie said...

Oh, she's so cute! Although, she doesn't look too thrilled to have Ian holding her! LOL

I know how you feel about being invaded. When I came home with Katie, my BP still wasn't under control and whenever anyone came over (especially unannounced) I could feel it start rising and I just had to have Phil get rid of them for me.

It wasn't rude of you to hide out and eat your dinner in your room. It was rude for them (anybody really) to just show up unannounced knowing that you've just given birth. You just need to do what you have to do to take care of you and your baby.

Lindsey said...

She's beautiful!!! So cute and pink!! I love the boys faces!! Priceless!!

Thanks for sharing and updating!

BTW, I don't see how it's any of the pediatricians business how or where you delivered!! But I agree you wouldn't have to take her back everyday if you'd given birth in a hospital.

Working Mama said...

SHE IS JUST ADORABLE! Oh my - I was so excited to see her. She is so little and perfect. I told some of the Moms that my uterus literally jumped when I saw her! LOL! I hope you can get some rest and that over the next few days she settles. You must just smell so good to her that she can't stay asleep - she wants to get busy growing & seeing this outside world! LOL

Amanda said...

I'm so excited to read a post from you and see pictures! She is SO-O precious! She looks so much like the boys and those boys are darn cute! I'm loving their expressions in the pictures. So sorry you got bombarded tonight. Gosh, I know that feeling. It's so hard adjusting when you get home and having company just show poor thing. Hopefully you'll be able to get some rest tonight. Enjoy every moment with her (I know you will) they grow way too quickly.

Keela said...

Oh!!!!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE! (Sorry for screaming! LOL!) Congrats again, Karlise! :)

Alison said...

Karlise~She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think we can all relate to being bombarded..ugh! I really dont think people "get it" sometimes that you just gave birth for heavens sake!Plus, as you know when your nursing every 5 mins the last thing you feel the need to do is socialize&entertain. I LOVE all that pink...Then again that is what my house is covered in,LOL. The boys look so precious holding her. Hope you can get some much needed rest tonight and I know ALL about the baby wanting to lay with you 24/7...whew! Congrats&Big Hugs!!~Alison

Anonymous said...

Oh Karlise! She is a doll baby! And all that PINK! I am telling you, it will become your favorite color. Kyra was covered from head to toe with it. And the boys faces are priceless as everyone else has said. Ian looks scared to death and Logan is just beside himself. So CUTE! Doesn't it feel strange now that you are a family of 5! What's really gonna be crazy is you can't just say something about the "boys" anymore. I find myself having to add "and Kyra" in there all the You'll see what I mean.
Again Congrats!!!!! She is a keeper!!!!
Rachel (2002 Mommy friends)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! The boys look so proud of her, hopefully they will be a big help. Congratulations again!

Lynn - MSN Sept 2002 Board

Debbie said...

Karlise - Thanks for the wonderful news...First of all, she is the most adorable little girl....She's beautiful...It looks like her big brothers are estatic too! I am glad to hear that you sound like you are feeling good....The first couple of days are tough when you are struggling with being tired and in the same breath, have tons of adreneline!!! And that pediatrician....I have to say that even the smartest people say the dumbest things!!!! Debbie, Elizabeth & Jillian

Debbie said...

P.S. If you don't mind, I might need to peak now and then, on your blog to see all the pics you will be posting...LOL!


Holly said...

Bella sure fits her name!

Bella Bella, Beautiful Beautiful!

Hope your house is more quiet today, well at least no house guests. I'm sure with two boys and a baby it's not going to be quiet again for many many more years! ;)

MartaDavis said...

Congratulations, she is so precious!
The brothers look so cute with their new little sister.
It is great that you posted the pictures, I had been waiting to see them.
So cute!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!! Hope you get some rest tonight!

Anna Mae

Dainty Cakes Tampa said...


Baby Bella is beautiful! Congratulations on the new addition. You have a beautiful family.

Monica from the Bargain Board

Bruce said...

Nice pictures. Congratulations.