Thursday, September 25, 2008

It feels like FALL

It's not very often I get to walk outside and feel like I want to go back and get a sweater. Logan walked out the door this morning and said "It's COLD Mama!". LOL He's definitely my Florida boy. I was even a bit chilled. It was probably in the upper 60s outside. In September. Woohoo! I know it won't last but man it's nice! I actually want to go outside. Keep it coming God. The break is nice.


Karen said...

You're too funny. While I agree it's really nice outside, it's not cold, lol.

Karlise said...

To my Florida blood, it was quite chilly! LOL I even have the *gasp* windows open right now. I never do that.

Melodie said...

I took a fleece jacket with me this morning when I took Sarah to the dentist.