Saturday, September 13, 2008

New pets?

Nah! But I don't mind holding them or touching them. We went to a friend's birthday party today and this was the entertainment!



Like my new fashion accessory? There were several snakes, a bearded dragon, tarantula, alligator and a frog. The kids all had a blast. Ian wouldn't go near any of them though. There were only a few things that Logan wouldn't touch like the spider for one! I haven't held a boa like that since I was a kid. I want to say it was at Busch Gardens years ago. This one was named Carlos I think and weighed about 35lbs.


Melodie said...

You look fabulous wearing that boa!

Anonymous said...

I have to say your crazy!LOL An only good snake - or spider for that matter is a dead one!

Lynn - Sept 2002

Amanda said...

Oh My Goodness girl! Your brave! That is not something I could have done.